Bradstone Textured Paving Buff 450 x 450 40 Per Pack

These Bradstone Buff Textured sizes are 450 x 450. With a Bradstone Buff finish making these Textured Bradstone textured paving something to be proud of.

Bradstone Buff
Bradstone Textured
Bradstone 450 x 450 paving slabs

Prices of Bradstone Buff Textured for sale

£186.22 for our Bradstone Textured Buff This 450 x 450 Textured is IN STOCK

We have bradstone textured paving slabs and textured paving in stock. All our textured slabs and textured paving slabs can be delivered accross the UK.

Bradstone 450 x 450 Slabs Textured paving Sizes

Bradstone textured paving buff has two apecs to them, firstly it gives a contemporary flair secondly it gives gives you durable functionality. these textured buff patio paving slabs is softened by fine white limestone chippings .Our bradstone textured patio paving slabs offers a wealth of design options. bradstone textured paving buff is also hardwearing enough to cope with the rigours of frequent outdoor use at the same time as creating a delightful and charmingly modern backdrop for al fresco dining. with the size of textured patio paving slabs 450 x 450 it is perfect for most applications. The bradstone buff textured patio paving slabs are available in more sizes which you can see to your right of the page. Each bradstone textured paving pack contains 40 units. When butt jointed each pack contains enough textured patio paving slabs to cover 8.10m2. Thickness: 32mm The Bradstone Textured pavers are 450 x 450 Buff making these Bradstone 450 x 450 excelent value for money.

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