Bradstone Natural Slate Paving Blue Black 600 x 300 85 Per Pack

These Bradstone Blue Black Natural Slate sizes are 600 x 300. With a Bradstone Blue Black finish making these Natural Slate bradstone natural slate paving slabs something to be proud of.

Bradstone Blue Black
Bradstone Natural Slate
Bradstone 600 x 300 paving slabs

Prices of Bradstone Blue Black Natural Slate for sale

£466.74 for our Bradstone Natural Slate Blue Black This 600 x 300 Natural Slate is IN STOCK

We have bradstone natural slate and cheap slate in stock. All our natural slate and Bradstone natural slate paving slabs can be delivered accross the UK.

Bradstone 600 x 300 Slabs Natural Slate paving Sizes

bradstone Slate paving isnt just a fantastic choice for kitchen floors. It can also lend a huge amount of impact to any outdoor space. Available in two distinctive finishes the soft Blue-Black bradstone slate paving shade is ideal for an ultra modern look while the brighter multi-coloured Vijaya Gold could be used in either a modern or more traditional setting. With each paving slab hand riven and diamond sawn for a crisper edge Natural Slate provides a perfect backdrop whatever your taste in garden design. Always lay on a full bed of mortar. Being a dense material Slate paving does not readily take up water and it is therefore advisable to use a SBR admix to the bedding mortar to create the necessary key or adhesion. This can be bought at a local builders merchants near to yourself. Joint width: 10-15mm Thickness: 18-23mm - Country of origin: China The Bradstone Natural Slate pavers are 600 x 300 Blue Black making these Bradstone 600 x 300 excelent value for money.

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