Bradstone Colonial Brown Blended Natural Sandstone patio paving slabs Blend patio kits 19.52 m2 Per Pack

These Bradstone Colonial Brown Blend Blended Natural Sandstone sizes are patio kits. With a Bradstone Colonial Brown Blend finish making these Blended Natural Sandstone bradstone natural sandstone paving slabs something to be proud of.

Bradstone Colonial Brown Blend
Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone
Bradstone patio kits paving slabs

Prices of Bradstone Colonial Brown Blend Blended Natural Sandstone for sale

£429.24 for our Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone Colonial Brown Blend This patio kits Blended Natural Sandstone is IN STOCK

We have Bradstone natural stone paving and sandstone paving slabs in stock. All our paving Flag and bradstone paving can be delivered accross the UK.

Bradstone patio kits Slabs Blended Natural Sandstone paving Sizes

Blended bradstone Colonial Brown Natural Sandstone calibrated patio kits are hand cut and hand dressed giving a more rustic finish and come in four specially selected colour blends. The slabs are lighter in weight than standard natural sandstone making them easier to handle and ideal for those budget projects that still desire a natural product. Each pack contains the following mix of sizes: - 16 patio paving slabs 900mm x 600mm - 15 patio paving slabs 600mm x 600mm - 18 patio paving slabs 600mm x 290mm - 16 patio paving slabs 290mm x 290mm When laid using a 10-20mm joint each pack contains enough patio paving slabs to cover 19.52m2. Thickness: 17-20mm - Country of origin: India The Bradstone Blended Natural Sandstone pavers are patio kits Colonial Brown Blend making these Bradstone patio kits excelent value for money.

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