Bradstone Autumn Green Antique Natural Sandstone patio paving slabs patio kits 15.30 m2 Per Pack

These Bradstone Autumn green Antique Natural Sandstone sizes are patio kits. With a Bradstone Autumn green finish making these Antique Natural Sandstone bradstone natural sandstone paving slabs something to be proud of.

Bradstone Autumn green
Bradstone Antique Natural Sandstone
Bradstone patio kits paving slabs

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£474.17 for our Bradstone Antique Natural Sandstone Autumn green This patio kits Antique Natural Sandstone is IN STOCK

We have Bradstone natural stone paving and sandstone paving slabs in stock. All our paving Flag and bradstone paving can be delivered accross the UK.

Bradstone patio kits Slabs Antique Natural Sandstone paving Sizes

Bradstone have achieved the impossible with their Bradstone Autumn Green. Theyve taken the natural beauty of sandstone and improved upon it. Calling upon a variety of tooling and rumbling techniques Antique Bradstone Autumn Green Natural Sandstone still offers all the wonderful tonal subtleties and variations of sandstone but combines this with softer warmer more inviting appearance of the autumn green. Available in six delicate finishes Bradstone Autumn Green Antique Natural Sandstone makes an elegant statement in any garden. Bradstone Autumn Green natural stone paving from Bradstone comprises an array of olive greens and browns blending seemlessly into your garden making the bradstone autumn green a paving slab you can be proud of.. Each pack contains the following mix of sizes: Bradstone Autumn Green- 13 patio paving slabs 900mm x 600mm - 13 patio paving slabs 600mm x 600mm - 13 patio paving slabs 600mm x 300mm - 9 patio paving slabs 300mm x 300mm When laid using a 10-15mm joint each pack contains enough patio paving slabs to cover 15.30m2. Thickness: 22mm - Joint width: 10-15mm Country of origin: India The Bradstone Antique Natural Sandstone pavers are patio kits Autumn green making these Bradstone patio kits excelent value for money.

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